Bubble Guppies Episode 1 Call a Clambulance

Bubble Guppies Season 1 Episode 1 Call a Clambulance, Molly introduces herself and tries to say “It’s time for Bubble Guppies!” but Gil comes over and proceeds to give her a checkup, as putting a thermometer on her head to take her temperature. He take it off and says “Hmmm… very interesting!” Molly asks about it and he says “It means…” and both exclaim “It’s time for Bubble Guppies!”

After assuring Oona that Avi will be okay, Avi says farewell and they take off. So worriedly Oona continues towards school…Oona is on her way to school when she hears her friend Avi nearby riding his tricycle. He tries to show her
247px-Snapshot 3 (25-05-2012 22-42)
Avi after falling off his tricycle
how well he can ride when he suddenly bumps into a rock and falls down! After complaining about his hurt tail his mother calls the Hospital to make sure it’s not a serious injury. Oona asks if he will be okay and soon the Clambulance shows up and they quickly get Avi onto a stretcher.
At school Oona is quick to explain what happened and all of the Guppies begin to worry too. But Mr. Grouper tells them that if Avi is really hurt, the Doctor will fix it all up and heal his injured bones. Deema questions this, a bit skeptical until Mr. Grouper informs her that some fish do indeed have bones. Though others don’t.

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