Paw Patrol Episode 20 Pups Save a Bat Pups Save a Toof

Paw Patrol Season 1 Episode 20 Pups Save a Bat Pups Save a Toof, Chase’s tooth gets loose, but he doesn’t want to see the dentist because he is scared. Meanwhile, Alex must visit the dentist, but he’s afraid too, so the pups and Ryder help him face his fear by showing him their own fears.

The episode begins with Chase, Rubble, and Zuma sniffing for buried stuff in the yard around the Lookout. Chase and Rubble each smell something and dig up one end of a stinky old tug toy. As they vie for pulling it out from their dig spot, Zuma joins Rubble to make it 2-against-1, winning the tug war and pulling the toy completely up from its bury spot. It is not long before Rubble and Chase start pulling on their ends of the toy, and while Zuma joins Rubble again, Marshall joins Chase to make it two-on-two. That is until Chase lets go due to a pain in his mouth, sending Marshall into a pile-up with the other pups. When Marshall asks what’s wrong, Chase reveals that his puppy tooth is loose, giving him a lisp as he shows it’s loose by wiggling it.


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